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Welcome to your Pennsylvania Online Driver Education Course brought to you by the A-1 Mumma Driving Training School, Inc. a licensed and certified driving school located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Our Course will help you become a competent and confident driver. Certified driver education teachers will monitor your progress at every stage and provide you with assistance whenever you need help.

The cost of the course is $89, and you may pay by check, money order or credit card. This 30 hour driver education course is divided in 10 modules in which you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of driving situations and learn how to minimize driving risks by effectively managing visibility, time, space, and available tire traction. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certified Classroom Completion Certificate.

If you have your parents' permission, your next step is to register for the course (18 years old and older do not require parent permission to enroll). When enrolling, read all instructions carefully to help guide you through the registration process. To register NOW, click the "Register Now!" Button above.

Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Not from Pennsylvania?? Still need approved driver education from your state?? Try one of our other approved driver education sites in the following states: Georgia, Colorado, or Texas

Character Building

Why take the 30-hour driver education course? Does a mountain climber go up Mt. Everest without a guide? The 30-hour class has long been one of two basic guides to the education of a safe, confident new driver. Together, the behind-the wheel course and the classroom theory studies are the twin pillars of a safe driving education.

Our online program replaces the high school classroom course. It offers a clear and easily understood digest of driving fact and theory for which the behind-the-wheel training is the laboratory. One without the other is a one-legged creature; only a partially trained driver. Our online course is certified by the state to replace the high school classroom program.

The goal of this course should not be simply obtaining a senior license early or enjoying an insurance discount. In reality, the 30-hour course offers skills that build confidence and security for the young driver behind the wheel and peace of mind for parents at home.

Experts agree that confidence built in the real world of becoming a safe driver can flow to other pursuits in a student's later life. It builds character.

Even through the "classroom" course is disappearing from high schools in Pennsylvania, it continues to be the central requirement in the education of every young new driver. This course is the only route to mastering skills and the temperament crucial to safe driving.

Sign up today and join the ranks of well-educated drivers.

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